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Healing Village Hall

05 December 2018

 The Parish Council is aware that there is an article in the Grimsby Telegraph reporting on a planning application which relates to the Village Hall and which might lead to some misunderstandings among residents.


As we reported in the current edition of the Village News, the Parish Council has had discussions with interested parties regardig the possible sale of the village Hall.  The Council is submitting a planning application for extensions to the Pavilion on Poplar Road Park and is using those plans to obtain detailed estimates of potential building costs from local contractors.

If we get planning approval, we will then seek to establish whether the capital sum we might raise from the sale of the existing Hall will be sufficient to fund the possible new build at Poplar Road.  We will not proceed unless the project can be self-funded.

Anybody can submit applications for planning permission, inlcuding change of use approval, regardless of whether they own the property in question or not and applications could be made by parties seeking to establish the viability of possible develoments.  The current application before NELC relating to the Village Hall has not been submitted by any person or organisation the Council has had dealings with.